Re-Working Some Classics

I've been a huge fan of the Nike Blazer Umber/Volt since its release. The pop of highlighter yellow on the swoosh and intricate laser etching on pigskin leather gives this 70s shoe model a really nice Aztec/80s/Hoosiers/futuristic flair. I've never seen anyone wear these nor have I read a blog posting that lists anything other than its existence. In a hyper-strike world this is general release gold.
(Photo Courtesy of SneakerFreaker)

Now look at the first release of the Franken-Jordan Spiz'ike line. A fusion of the III, IV and who knows what else, this shoe sold out quickly in '06, perhaps mostly to eBay speculators. Sneakerheads are mostly split on whether or not this Jordan line extension is a disgrace or just the only other direction you can go in after you retro every dope Jordan model in dozens of colors and fabrications. If the Jordan well has run dry, this is its empty pail. (Photo Courtesy of FreshnessMag)


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