Mark Paul Gosselaar is Smart

Jimmy Fallon has been leading a charge to reunite the cast of Saved by the Bell (celebrating its 20th anniversary) as a way of drawing some attention to his late night show.  Surprisingly, most of the cast has signed on for this.

It's tough for any actor to escape a campy past and still be in on the joke - rather than part of it. This past Monday, Mark Paul Gosselaar did this in impressive form.  He appeared on Fallon's show, fully in character, to pledge his participation in the reunion. Rather than show up in a suit and sheepishly listen as Fallon annoyingly rehashes his favorite Bayside moments, Gosselaar rocked a familiar old outfit and even interrupted the interview to take a call from Jessie Spano on his giant, grey, iconic cell phone.  Definitely worth a watch.


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