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Style blogs are 2000s apparel punk rock.  I love the way that they spit in the face of fashion magazine ad clutter & industry pretension and get right to the point - cool/wearable clothing, styled well. Some of it is preposterously expensive and some is thrifted - depending upon on the wearer.  Perspective either takes the form of candid street capture of the best dressed people seen that day or one person's daily fashion diary.

Some of the current best are The Sartorialist, (great for his high quotient of natty men's style) Style and the City (Paris/London street fashion) and Kanye West's favorite: Sea of Shoes (I definitely didn't know about Margiela in high school).

The daily diary style blogs all follow the same basic format:  1) Picture of the day's outfit 2) List of brands featured 3) Fawning comments from readers.  One favorite blog of mine adds a slight twist to this formula and really opens up the possibility for a interesting brand collabo.

It's called my daily style and is curated by woman from Barcelona. She's been posting since March 2008 and has over 2,400,000 hits.  She chooses amazing outfit combinations then runs off to a cool part of the city to stage her own impromptu photoshoots.  

Interestingly, the right margin of her page links to an eBay store listing some of the items that she's worn.  Each of the garments have 900+ views each.  She's found a unique way to monetize her blog by liquidating her old items to the readers that admire them.

I think there's an opportunity here for a brand to contact her and create amazing limited 1 of 1s or 1 of 10s and have her feature them and sell through her eBay page.  Undoubtedly she'd be incented by the opportunity to design/consult on the product.  Scott Schumann's giddy post about his Gap ad showed that no matter how popular a style blogger may be, acknowledgement from a major brand is downright flattering

It would absolutely make sense for a brand to become involved in such a collabo, as these style blogs are one of the major spheres of influence today.  Even the fashion magazines cover them. It's incredible that I even need to call out this opportunity.  Is the image at the top of this post not insane?


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