Simply A Good Idea

The solubility of sugar crystals in iced coffee is quite low. It prevents me from sweetening this drink to my desired level. Still, I often find myself purchasing this beverage at coffee shops that don't offer simple syrup - mostly because this liquid is such a rarity.

Thankfully, the Dunkin' Donuts near my office (34th & Madison) has recently begun squirting this fine liquid into their iced coffees as they assemble them behind the counter.

Since the Dunkin' franchise model allows its stores a mild amount of rogueish behavior I'd be somewhat surprised if this is a national initiative. But I think it should be, as it's a very subtle refinement that improves the product experience (unless you enjoy chomping on sugar crystals). Nothing about this change would prevent Dunkin' from maintaining its position as the unpretentious, functional coffee shop choice for people that wouldn't mind watching yuppie scum die - while scarfing down a donut hole or two.

Yes, simple syrup is rarely seen sweetening coffee outside of boho/trendy coffee shops, but Dunkers could avoid this halo as long as they didn't make you ask for it in Fritalian. (Plus, the chain has been adding Starbucks-like drinks to its menu for some time.)

If it's cost effective they should roll this out.

photo credit: Flickr - xsquared


Hadley said...

I actually enjoy the chomping on the sugar in my coffee some mornings.

Does Dunkin Donuts have an actual kitchen? Because if they have a pot and water, then they can convert some of their sugar to simple syrup in a few minutes. No cost!

Rogue on!

nycrun said...

I wonder if the converted sugar to syrup is as bad for you as straight sugar. I've been having way too much of it in my tea

tastymoog said...

The Dunkies I used to frequent in undergrad used to put a squirt of hot coffee into the granulated sugar before adding the ice + iced coffee. I guess they hadn't evolved to simple syrup yet. Being just a splash of heat, it did not compromise the intended temperature of the beverage... sometimes, though, the sugar still wasn't completely dissolved, just sludgy instead of gritty.

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