Art of the Bandwidth Upgrade

Say what you will about how 2002 novacheck is, Burberry has been killing it with their online lately. Most of you are probably familiar with, the brand's fantastic/interactive/Scott Schuman-blessed Facebook collabo.

Much less buzzworthy, but equally fascinating in my mind is their groundbreaking use of video product previews on their men's & women's trench pages. Move your cursor over one of the items and a brief, medium-res video of the model twirling/shifting around activates in the photo box.

It's not only cool, but really helps remind you how sumptuous those coats are.

As satisfactory as the current model of displaying photos from multiple angles and allowing the user to zoom in may be, video previewing brings online shopping to a new level. And, if you aren't blown away by the resolution of these Burberry vids, the quality of how you experience this online integration is sure to only get better as other brands discover the existence/value of this tech.


Modelizer said...

I'm more interested in Burberrys obsession with making everything uniform and more commercial but more not at the same time and the diffusion lines of Brit and London. I think it's awesome that they're showing an online presence but I'm really curious how their attempt at shutting down more and more in major department stores to be able to price how they want to and sell what they want to sell will play out in terms of figures.

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