Raisin As Texture Vessel

When I first saw Amazin' Raisin brand peach flavored raisins on the shelf at my local Gristedes, I laughed.  Unnecessary frankenfood right?
Well...maybe.  But after reflecting for a moment it occurred to me that the folks at Amazin' Raisin might be trying to position this item as less of a raisin snack extension and more of an ostensibly healthier, albeit transmogrified, alternative to fruit snacks.  It's very Wylie Dufresne of them, treating the raisin as a texture vessel into which a new taste can be transmitted.  I'd imagine that a sizable share of packaged raisins are eaten by kids - so this seems like clever solution for parents that don't want their kids eating chewy LEGO blocks, while still giving them the range of flavors (also available in lemon, strawberry) they crave:
Unfortunately for the folks at Amazin' Raisin, my supermarket carries Amazin' Raisins in the peanut butter / bread / prunes / raisin aisle, as opposed to the fruit snacks section.  I will have to check at other supermarkets to see what kind of shelf space this product is getting.  I think adjacency to regular raisins is what magnifies the oddity of this snack and deflects its potentially positive tradeoff attribute.


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